Our Values

Here are the values that we aspire to model, we find that these ideals are incredibly helpful guiding principles that ensure we are on the right path.

Intentional balance

Our life is not our work, but our work should support our life. We live this value by encouraging everyone on our team to understand themselves and focus on building balance into their lives. With our clients, we live this value by building systems that don’t require acts of heroism to stay operational.

Intentional Balance

Care for People

Care for people

Helping individuals inside homebuilding companies have a better life is at the center of everything we do at TMG. We want them to feel a sense of purpose and pride in what they do, and to be able to see past the difficult situations to the broader work of building people’s dreams – this industry can be pretty inspiring if you have the chance to look up and out.

Discovery of best practices

We consider ourselves to be “lead learners” when in relationship with our clients. We bring over 50 years of experience in homebuilding operations to the table and we’ll be the first to say: No one knows everything. We will help you get to the next right step in your operation, and we will enjoy learning from you along the way.

Best Practices

Visible Progress

Continuous visible progress

Steve Jobs once coached one of his engineers by saying “Real artists ship.” It doesn’t matter how perfect the product is if it never sees the light of day. In our work we develop clear goals with specific measurable outcomes and then provide updates regularly showing what work has been ‘shipped.’ We use SCRUM Agile Development methodologies to help us accomplish the most valuable things as quickly as possible and we create a cadence of accountability through bi-weekly Sprint Wrap-Ups that clearly communicate our value delivery on a 2-week cycle.


The old saying goes “if everything is important, then nothing is” and that pretty much says it all. We have seen too many homebuilders, too many trades and suppliers, too many individuals in this industry take on too much and burn out – sometimes financially, sometimes mentally. Focus helps us ensure we are doing only the most essential things, things only we can do – both for our company, and for yours.


Our Leadership


Matt Collins serves as the Managing Member of The Mainspring Group. His experience goes back 25 years; spending the first five on building materials management leadership. Over the last two decades, Matt has served in several senior leadership roles for homebuilders across the country as a VP of Operations, VP of Homebuilding, and Chief Operating Officer. Through his efforts building the Mainspring Group, Matt hopes to be a part of the spread of best practices throughout the industry creating better opportunities for financial success as well as balance within the homebuilding industry.


Jason Sherman serves as the Operations Lead for The Mainspring Group. Jason has 20 years of professional experience in residential homebuilding and multi-regional subcontracting for the homebuilding industry, holding the positions of Purchasing Manager, Director of Operations, and VP of Internal Operations. In addition to working with clients on developing and achieving their Right Next Steps, Jason also employs his operational expertise in management of The Mainspring Group’s SCRUM-derived workflow management model.