About Us


Matt Collins serves as the Managing Member of The Mainspring Group. His experience goes back 25 years; spending the first five on building materials management leadership. Over the last two decades, Matt has served in several senior leadership roles for homebuilders across the country as a VP of Operations, VP of Homebuilding, and Chief Operating Officer. Through his efforts building the Mainspring Group, Matt hopes to be a part of the spread of best practices throughout the industry creating better opportunities for financial success as well as balance within the homebuilding industry.


Jason Sherman serves as the Operations Lead for The Mainspring Group. Jason has 20 years of professional experience in residential homebuilding and multi-regional subcontracting for the homebuilding industry, holding the positions of Purchasing Manager, Director of Operations, and VP of Internal Operations. In addition to working with clients on developing and achieving their Right Next Steps, Jason also employs his operational expertise in management of The Mainspring Group’s SCRUM-derived workflow management model.