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Cost Reductions

Revolutionizing VPO Management: Beyond the Blame Game

In this webinar, Matt Collins with the Mainspring Group discusses the several key methods for builders to elevate their variance purchase order (VPO) management strategies.


Reclaiming Hidden Cash in your System (30 Min Version)

In this MarkSystems User-Focused webinar, Matt Collins of The Mainspring Group will go over three common errors that cause cash to remain stuck and hidden within a builders system.

Be a Cost Reduction Guru by Lunch

In the cost-inflationary environment we find ourselves in, every homebuilder could use some help reducing costs and increasing value for customers. In this roll-up-the-sleeves session, Matt Collins and Jason Sherman review 20 specific ways of lowering costs, increasing value, or both – be a guru by lunch (depending on timezone and appetite)!

Operational Excellence

7 Ways to Reduce Cycle Time

In this webinar, Matt Collins of The Mainspring Group discusses seven practical solutions designed to significantly reduce the cycle time in homebuilding. 

In this short article, we outline a typical journey from Operational Competence to Operational Excellence through the major milestones in the life of a homebuilding company.

This article defines data mining for homebuilding, and then explores the evolution of this technical skill from a nice-to-have to an absolute necessity in today’s uncertain environment.

Yes, You Have to Manage Your Soft Cycle (Just Released)

In homebuilding, the “soft cycle” is the period between contract and the beginning of construction. In this webinar, learn how to manage your soft cycle with the same rigor and care used for construction cycles, leading to decreased total cycle times, a shorter backlog, and higher production capacity.

Watch our May 1st webinar featuring Kevin Oakley from Do You Convert and our own Matt Collins discussing this critical topic.

The Mainspring Group Presents: Transforming Data into Decisions

In our ongoing webinar series, Matt Collins discusses how homebuilding operations and finance teams typically go about collecting the data necessary to complete analysis and get to decisions. After going over basics, more advanced tools and ideas are discussed with a Q&A from the audience at the end.

Beyond Metrics: Transformative Data Strategies For Today's Challenges

In this presentation, participants will explore the evolution of data utilization, starting with straightforward metrics and progressing through sophisticated predictive analytics possible with the “Imagination Age.” Through case studies and real-world examples, attendees will learn how transformative data strategies can lead to impactful decision-making, supporting growth and adaptation in dynamic business environments.


Constructive Conversations: Agility - The Builder's Antidote to Chaos

In this webinar hosted by Higharc, Matt Collins of The Mainspring Group discusses the importance of agility for today’s homebuilders.

Homes for Hope Podcast E2: Fragile or Agile

In this podcast, Matt Collins shares what he thinks builders must keep front of mind during this uncertain time, hosted by Homes for HOPE.

Is Your Home Building Business Set Up for Agility

Why developing an agility-based mindset is critical to effectively manage today’s homebuilding challenges. Article 2 in a series published by Professional Builder.

Agility: Your Business's Antidote to Chaos

Volitile market conditions are now the norm in the homebuilding industry. Taking an agile approach will set you up for success. Article 1 in a series published by Professional Builder.