Mainspring Pulse ™
Transforming Your Data
Into Decisions

Your right next steps… Right in front of you

From dynamic filterable dashboards, to structured reports, to customized notifications, Mainspring Pulse eliminates redundant efforts so you and your team focus only on taking the next actions to drive success


Structured, tabulated data that summarize answers to specific business questions, highlighted exceptions point to actions needed


Push notifications to individual team members or team leaders based on customized triggers defined by you, additionally we monitor your vitals like a wearable for your data set - we’ll let you know when something is out of line


Interactively view an area of the business and use dynamic filters to cause the visual content to change and highlight areas that need action

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Optimize your operations with The Pulse™. Experience real-time business analytics that illuminate margins, costs, variances, and spec inventory. Designed to streamline operations and boost efficiency, it’s your solution to a smarter, more responsive business environment

Elevate your production insights with The Pulse™. Bypass the hassle of data mining and information filtering. Access immediate statistics on production inefficiencies and warranty issues, pinpointing exactly where improvements are needed. Make today count with insights that drive action.

Empower your decision-making with The Pulse™. Essential metrics, critical financial insights, and forward-looking forecasts are at your fingertips. From cash flow to net profit predictions, have the information you need to lead with confidence and foresight

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In the digital age, the integrity of your data is the foundation of operational excellence. The Pulse Data Health shines a spotlight on the vitality of your data, transforming potential frustrations and performance issues into opportunities for growth and efficiency. With immediate insights into the health of your data ecosystem, Data Health empowers you to preemptively adress discrepancies and streamline your processes for unparalleled accuracy and performance.

Precision Data Structure

Dive deep into the core of your data’s structure with The Pulse™. Identify and rectify underlying data inaccuracies and conflicts with our intuitive tools, ensuring your purchasing information, trades, and field operations are built on a reliable foundation. Anticipate and close budget gaps before they compromise your margin targets, securing your financial health.

Unlock Hidden Cash
Discover and reclaim the cash obscured within your data structures. The Pulse™ Data Health illuminates the path to financial recovery, spotlighting hidden cash so you can enhance your bottom line. Experience the immediate benefit of uncovering thousands of dollars that belong in your pocket, not hidden in your system.
Continuous Data Vigilance
Embrace the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 monitoring of your data’s integrity. The Pulse™ acts as an ever-watchful guardian, alerting you to discrepancies and potential issues as they arise. Benefit from a constant oversight that ensures your data health is never compromised, keeping your operations smooth and your strategies sharp.