Transformative Negotiations
for Homebuilding

                 Upcoming 2024 Training Dates:  

                     August 14-15, 9 AM – 12:30 ET 

                 September 11-12, 9 AM – 12:30 ET 

                     October 9-10, 9 AM – 12:30 ET 

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Elevate your team's negotiation skills

Elevate your negotiation skills with our comprehensive, hands-on training program. Designed specifically for the homebuilding industry, This two-day event offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application to transform your negotiating approach.

Expect your team to come back with:

Enhanced Negotiation Skills: Gain confidence in your ability to navigate complex negotiations with tailored strategies.

Practical Application: Apply learned concepts in real-life scenarios, ensuring a deep understanding and practical skillset.

Strategic Thinking: Develop a mindset for creating value in negotiations, going beyond traditional bargaining to forge win-win outcomes.

Creative Solutions: Learn to think outside the box in negotiations, using innovative techniques to maximize outcomes for all parties involved.

Training Format & Schedule:

•Duration: Two Half Day Sessions

•Location/Venue: Virtual – no travel required!

•Structure: Four interactive modules, combining key concept discussions with real-life negotiation scenarios.

•Cost: $2,500 per team (teams can be 1-3 persons but recommend at least 2)

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